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Saunas soothes the senses, helping you regenerate and feel calm and refreshed.  Tender lightening and cozy atmosphere are stimulating for deep relaxation. We invite you to our Finnish sauna after a day of hard work or visiting the city of Tallinn. The joining relax area is waiting for you to recharge your batteries and even have a refreshing drink that can be ordered via the hotel bar or reception.

To respect your privacy the Sauna can be booked via our reception free of charge. Please call ext 500 or visit the reception desk for a convenient time.




The hotels professional therapists are offering a wide range of exclusive treatments with 2 rooms available for only our hotel customers. Please make your appointment, in advance at our reception on telephone number +372 6977500 or email

*Treatments available for only hotel guests


Treatments menu



De-stressing and relaxation


Full body massage
If your idea of stress relief is a great massage then look no further, whether you just need to relax or want some aching muscles fixed, our therapists will use a selection of techniques from Chinese acupressure, Thai, sports, Swedish, and physic techniques to re-align, relax, and renew the body from head to toe. Choose from 60/75/90 minute treatments or combine with a body treatment to complete your treat.

60 min – 43 EUR
75 min – 49 EUR
90 min – 57 EUR

Breathe easy treatment (joir de vivre) massage
Starts with a facial and scalp massage working solely on the lymphatic points with a selected blend of essential oils designed to open the airways and create a feeling of lightness, ease, comfort and deep relaxation, this is followed by a massage that balances body with mind and spirit, (p)

80 min – 57 EUR

Feet first – foot massage treatment
Experience a compression massage to areas of the feet to restore circulation, calm the mind and restore energy to the body through specific pressure areas of the feet and points in the lower leg, pre treatment enjoy a cleansing and exfoliating aromatic

Himalayan salt foot scrub 60 min – 46 EUR

Back Booster massage
A combination of stretching, deep tissue and Thai acupressure. Specifically for the back, neck and shoulder excellent for the elimination of oncoming cold and flu, the ultimate manual body

detox, (p) 30 min – 29 EUR

Mum to be (pregnancy massage)
A specialized massage adapted to the needs of the pregnant women, takes place on Thai mats or physio couch and involve techniques that are safe and effective throughout the stages of pregnancy. Deeply relaxing and relief for those aches and pains.

60 min – 43 EUR

Hot chocolate (chocolate massage)
Prepare to give your endorphins a boost, with a combination of two of life’s greatest pleasures….chocolate and massage, the unique mixture of pure chocolate and oils not only revitalizes and moisturizes lack luster skin delivering essential nutrients but also leaves an invigorating effect on the mind…deeply relaxing and a great skin conditioning treatment, (h)
(p) Active ingredients. (p) 80% cocoa 10% sheanutoil 10% sweet almond oil

60min – 60 EUR

Hot Stone Therapy
This is a type of massage using specially heated volcanic lava stones of different sizes applied to key points on the body, The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing a deeper muscular manipulation than with regular massage, accompany this with Swedish-style massage movements, experience a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. Also great for muscular injuries. (p)

60min – 60 EUR
90 min-77 EUR


Body treatments

(skin conditioning and massage)

Dead Sea salt – skin care therapy
(light exfoliation and massage)
A top to toe full body exfoliation with a combination of dead sea mineral salt and aromatherapy essential oils delivering a firming and deep cleansing all over fresh feel, particularly effective in the removal of scaly and rough skin, complete with a slathering of vitamin rich cream or Damascus rose oil and a relaxing and cantering massage to increase lymphatic drainage, aiding weight loss and the removal of cellulite and toxins from the skin. (S) (P) (h)

90min – 63 EUR


Hands and feet


Pamper up those pinkies
With a luxurious manicure, a complete shape up of the nails and cuticles including a hand and arm massage with a rich hand cream that soothes rough and dry skin finishing with a glossy coat from a seasonal selection of essential quality colours.

45 min 38 EUR

Tantalize your tootsies
With a complete foot and lower leg treatment, experience an essential rebuff of your nails and cuticles and a rub down and removal of unwanted dry and dead skin, complete the treat a massage for your legs and feet. And of course finally gloss and go using hand picked seasonal colours.

75 min – 49 EUR


Anti cellulite and slimming


A really sweet treat
(exfoliation and massage)
Experience your whole body being massaged in warm honey, This natural treatment removes dead skin cells and encourages healthy and supple skin flexibility restoring muscle tone and
Natural shine and luster, completed with aromatic steam towels and a relaxing and restorative massage. (s) (p) (h) (m)

90min – 63 EUR

Back only treatment available: 60min – 50 EUR